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We made an itinital inquiry about their products about 2 months ago. Shortly thereafter, we purchased a spa from a local company.

We received over 10 calls per day for several weeks--despite repeated requests (then demands) that they remove us from their call list. We were constantly assured that we would be removed from the list within 24 hours. We received another call tonight. If they have to resort to these "guerilla marketing" tactics they must be desperate.

We are filing reports with the BBB in our area, and in the Connecticut area (that is the area code from which they are calling.) Business 101 would seem to indicate that someone who has recently purchased a competitor's product is no longer in the market, and they are wasting their time pursuing such "leads." This company has no business ethics, integrity or respect for privacy. Once the request has been made to discontinue contact, they should honor that request (and refrain from squandering their corporate assests on dead ends.)

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